33 Brilliant Music Logo Design for Inspiration

The endless possibilities of a music logo design can inspire you as well as your business. A music logo needs to be different always, it should give a soothing feel to your customer who needs your music and the related services. You can add instruments, music notes etc. in a music logo. According to your client’s need, the logo design may vary depends on a music band or a musician such that.

Here we have given 33 Brilliant Music Logo Design for Inspiration. Each one varies in its design, you can easily incorporate it into your music logo designs while you ready to do something special for a musician.

1) Nirvana

2) Weezer

3) Jurassic

4) Public Image Ltd

5) Heart Behind Music

6) Metallica

7) Gala Music

8) Kavinsky

9) Foo Fighters

10) Gusto Gazer V2

11) The XX

12) Black Flag

13) Run DMC

14) Nine Inch Nails

15) Daft Punk

16) Public Enemy

17) The Streets

18) Rolling Stones

19)mixtape attack

20) Music for Justice

21) Buzzcocks

22) Aphex Twin

23) Wolves in the Throne Room

24) Death From Above 1979

25) Oppikus

26) Radiohead

27) Devin Townsend Project

28) Thursday

29) Outkast

30) Misfits

31) Bravo 2011

32) melody dog

33) Wilfrido Vargas