Wall shelves are useful when it comes to storage. But lately they’ve also become a great wall decor option. A creative shelf isn’t just a pedestal for sweet nothings and display tokens. It can take a role of a focal point or a decorative piece in the room. Many modern designers go for unusual shapes, unconventional materials, and generally a more interesting design approach.Have a look on these 20 Wall Shelves You Need in Your Life gathered here.

Wall Shelves-Dream

Wall Shelves-LagoLINEA

Wall Shelves-Mid-Century Modern Shelf

Wall Shelves-Intriguing Wall Shelf Designs

Wall Shelves-Zaha Hadid’s Valle Shelves

Wall Shelves-Catch-Bowl

Wall Shelves-Lava Shelves

Wall Shelves-Alfabeta

Wall Shelves-Stone Shelves

Wall Shelves-Tuyo Design Shelves

Moss Shelves



Typographic Bookshelf

Network Shelves

Frames Wall

Eos Shelf

Flaepps Regal Shelf

Oak Circle Shelf

Donkey Kong Wall

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