The portfolio layout shown here are simple and the typography is great, and they make bold use of color to stand out. The site really shines in and are most effective one . The illustrations used in this are efficient and attractive. These portfolio sites are the best and new sites of January 2017. Here shows the post of 15 Best New Portfolio Sites January 2017. Come and have a look from here!

New Portfolio Sites January 2017-Marija Zaric 1

New Portfolio Sites January 2017-Heather Shaw 2

New Portfolio Sites January 2017-Infinite Imaginations 3

New Portfolio Sites January 2017-Eric Porter 4

New Portfolio Sites January 2017-Trionn Agency Website 5

Merci Michel 6

Terring Photography Site 7

Head Office 8

Cecile Henryon 9

Pogon 10

This portfolio 11

The Future Forward 12

Peter Tait Site 13

Phosphene Portfolio 14

Stefanie Brückler Site 15

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