Major jQuery plugins with parallax effects added here with the source links and demo links. These are the best free jQuery parallax plugins which will add value to your site.

The advanced parallax scrolling effect will add a variety scrolling effect from different viewing locations of your site. Easily create multi-scrolling website with this free plugins will add an awesome look to your sites.

Advanced Parallax  JavaScript 1

Simple Parallax Scrolling Effect with CSS3 2

Magnetize  jQuery Parallax Gallery 3

Create Divided Multi Scrolling Pages 4

How to Integrate Simple Parallax  Bootstrap 5

True Panorama 6

FractionSlider jQuery parallax slider plugin 7

Scroll Content Presenter 8

jQuery zLayers Parallax Plugin 9

Merry Scrolling with skrollr.js 10

Destaque jQuery  parallax effect 11

Parallax Slider Responsive jQuery Plugin 12

Jarallax  jQuery Animation Library 13

True Parallax 14

Build a parallax  jQuery and CSS 15

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